Terms & Conditions

  • I understand that SimbleHome can either be purchased up front for $720 or in monthly payments (via Splitit) for $20/month for a total cost of $720.
  • I understand that SimbleHome includes 1x Energy IoT Device + a Subscription to the SimbleHome App for 3 years.
  • I understand that The SimbleHome Energy IoT Device will be installed by a qualified electrician at no extra cost and at the earliest convenience to both myself and one of Simble's certified electricians. 
  • I understand that the SimbleHome Energy IoT Device will be installed at my home, in the meter box.
  • I understand that the SimbleHome Energy IoT Device must connect to WiFi.
  • I understand that if I don't have WiFi connection at my meter box, I need to notify Simble before purchasing SimbleHome so that alternative arrangements can be explored.
  • Further Terms & Conditions can be found at: https://simblegroup.com/simblesense/termsandconditions